Surabhi Ghosh
April 20 – May 11, 2013

Deploying ubiquitous motifs such as circles, dots, hexagons, and
stripes, Surabhi Ghosh draws on the liminal power of the decorative. Her
work repurposes the disregarded visual information that permeates
cultural spaces, hiding in plain sight. Composed of accumulative processes and
simple repetitive marks, her pieces reside at the intersection of
abstraction, minimalism, and ornamentation. Stitching and painting, she
explores the way patterns build incrementally and unpredictably,
resulting in a new kind of handmade geometry. Ghosh received an MFA in Fiber
from Cranbrook Academy of Art and is currently an Assistant Professor at
the University of Oregon. She is a member of Ditch Projects and
co-director of "Bailliwik," an annual publication project. Her work and
collaborative projects have been exhibited nationally and
internationally, and her books are included in several collections