Ethan Jackson & Ethan Rose: Rounds
April 5-May 3, 2014
Opening reception Saturday April 5, 6-9 PM

Rounds is a collaboration between Ethan Jackson and Ethan Rose at Ditch Projects in Springfield, OR. Ditch Projects is in the Booth-Kelly Complex, a historical site that originally housed a lumber mill and waterway that were central to the non-indigenous settlement of the region. Drawing from this recent history, Jackson and Rose have created a multi-sensory installation that uses generative images, sculptural gesture, and spatialized sound to engage this unique site.

Jackson has designed imagery of tree rings, constantly growing, cracking and decaying. The generative tree rounds grow on the floor and on pedestals, each developing its own character by slowly adding rings and cracking in unique ways. Curved mirrors in the center of each tree allow a different view of the developing cracks, expressing a different aspect of the site.

In dialogue with Jackson’s generative rings, Rose has installed a series of speaker arrays that hang in discreet locations across the gallery. In researching the site Rose discovered an Oral History archive, which he acquired on loan from the Springfield History Museum. The archive contains hundreds of hours of recorded interviews that document a cross section of individual’s memories of logging in the region. These recordings were carefully edited to create an abstracted audio composition that flows through the space of the gallery.

Rose’s composition of inhalations, bits of consonants, and vocal tones pass overhead in combination with Jackson’s expanding anamorphic tree stumps below. Echoes of time’s passage rebound within the sounds and images of the installation while evoking the specificities of economy, ecology, and personal history that have transformed the region. The result is a work that abstractly resonates within a multiplicity of perspectives, inviting the visitor to draw their own experience from the layered meanings of the gallery

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Thursday, April 3, 2014, 6:00 PM
115 Lawrence Hall, 1190 Franklin Blvd.
Department of Art, University of Oregon

Ethan Jackson is a visual artist working in architectural optics, photographics, interactive media and installation. Light, vision, image and imagination are the basis for projects that range across perceptual, spatial, documentary and experiential territory. He received a BA at Williams College and an MFA at the University of Colorado.

Ethan Rose, sound artist and composer, has released recordings, scored films, constructed performances, created sound installations and worked with a variety of collaborators. In works that manifest across a range of media, Rose’s consideration of sound reaches out from the formal mechanics of studio composition to investigate revealed gestures of sonic transformation. Rose’s works have exhibited, screened, and been performed internationally, including Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s

Time-Based Art Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Experimental Sound Studio, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Milan Design Week, and the SXSW Music Festival.