Leah Beeferman: Field positions
June 28-Aug 2
Opening reception Saturday June 28, 6-9 PM

Leah Beeferman's Field positions presents work from two ongoing series, L—F—S and Supersolids. These pieces contribute to a larger, ongoing study of digital drawing loosely inspired by a theory in quantum physics which states that pure empty space is not empty and is, in fact, quite dense. The work is realized through several methods of production: digital printing, laser etching, abstract animation, and sound recording. By confusing the relationships between the hand and digital and physical space, these works invent intricate in-between spaces which mirror the theoretical ideas of abstract physics.

The pieces in the L—F—S series are made by laser-etching digital drawings (created with the mouse in Photoshop) onto spray-painted sheets of plexiglass. Drawn shapes—solid gestures—become transparent empty spaces, or blurry in-betweens, as the laser uses them as a guide for what to etch away. But these etched shapes retain qualities of positive space, oscillating back and forth between being solid and empty.

The Supersolids, a series of abstract animations, create very dense spaces out of photographic shapes, video, and digitally-drawn marks. They evolve slowly, changing substantially over time, but provide no discernible narrative or resolution.


Leah Beeferman (b. 1982) is a Brooklyn-based artist working with digital drawing and sound. Her visual work integrates digital drawing practices with photographic material, laser-etching, or specific software. Her sound work combines field recordings and digitally-created sound to create invisible, abstract narratives. Beeferman received an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and has participated in residencies including LMCC's Workspace Residency in Manhattan, the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago, The Arctic Circle, and Kökarkultur, Finland. She has exhibited widely, both in New York and abroad.