Sabrina Ratté: Habitat
June 6-27 , 2015
Opening reception Saturday June 6, 6-9 PM

"(...) It’s not until we arrive at Habitat does the wandering eye of Ratté’s interlocuteur find respite in a cascading curved form soaked in the color of a pale sunset. The revelation of this habitat creates a visual serenity rarely found within the quivering feedback lines previously employed in Ratté’s work. The simplicity and exactness of the vertical lines that dance across the screen in Habitat suggest a kind of transcendental arrival at a near-perfect modular frequency where the input and output harmonize. These lines are pulled back like stage curtains to expose once more the gleaming horizon, this time delicately tinged with a rainbow spectrum created from gamma ramped signal saturation. (...)" -Nicholas O'Brien

Sabrina Ratté (Canada, 1982) is a Montreal based visual artist, mainly working in the field of video. She completed a a BFA and a MFA in the Film Production Department of Concordia University in Montreal. Her work proposes different visits inside architectural environments and landscapes generated by electronic signals. Her practice is also inspired by the relationship between electronic music and the video image, and she often collaborates with musicians for single-channel pieces as well as in live settings. Parallel to her solo work, Ratté is the visual part of Le Révélateur, with the electronic music composer Roger Tellier-Craig.

Her work have been shown internationally in various forms and contexts, including live performances, installations, screenings as well as various online exhibitions such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Paddles On! 1st Digital Art Auction at Phillips, Ann Arbor Film Festival, EMPAC, Museum of the Moving Image, Sonic Acts Festival, Send+Receive Festival, Elektra Festival, MUTEK, in Montreal, Mexico City and Barcelona. Her videos have been released on DVD by the San Francisco Label Root Strata and on the video label Undervolt & Co. She is part of the online collective Computers Club.